Win More Instagram Followers for Your Restaurant with these Simple Strategies

Win More Instagram Followers for Your Restaurant with these Simple Strategies

Entrepreneurs are always enthusiastic about using Instagram for business promotion. However, what many tend to do is confuse the concept of visual marketing with text marketing. There is a wide gap between the two. Visual marketing is no doubt pretty fast, but you will also have to keep in mind that you will have to gather your ideas and put all of these into a single frame. Instagram is all about limited talk and minimal usage that should be capable of generating a booming impact on the viewer’s mind. And you would also have to keep in mind that it’s different for different businesses. Take restaurateurs using Instagram for instance. How would a restaurateur use Instagram for marketing? You would be surprised to find out some incredible and fun stuff that you can do with Instagram that will help to boost up your brand promotion and also get you more free Instagram followers. It’s really very simple! Just carry a little bit of imagination and creativity in your pocket.

Incredible Marketing Tips to get You More Instagram Followers and Likes

  • Chronicle Every Aspect of Your Restaurant

Food is a very important aspect no doubt. But talking only about food all day long willmake your promotion boring. Bring out a fresh story line in every picture that you post. Think outside food as well. What could that be? How about considering the other factors?  For example, take pictures of entrees, appetizers, dining room ambience, desserts, behind the scenes, etc. People would just love to learn everything about your brand. You can even ask for audience feedbacks or comments by accompanying your pictures with good captions.

  • Launch New Dishes on the Social Media

Let Instagram be the launch pad of your new dishes. Get people interest first-hand by sharing a picture of a new dish that your restaurant is coming up with. Again, it does not have to be food photos. You can take a picture of your menu card with the latest addition. This will give you a chance to push the menu card along with the new launch announcement.

  • Do Not Forget to Optimize Your Photo Quality

It’s best to take the picture first with a good camera and then editing and sharing it via Instagram. There are certain benefits that only good cameras have and one of these options are – optical zoom. You can take advantage of Instagram’s versatile editing tools later on.

  • Narrate a Story

Every picture has a different story to talk about. The best thing about restaurateurs is that you can find ample story lines to share in your visual content.For instance, if your restaurant is undergoing a new remodeling project, then share it with your followers. If your restaurant is hosting a new catering event, then let the entire Instagram city know about it.Use Instagram to share your inspiring story and the kind of charitable work are you working on.

  • Promote Your Involvement with Fairs and Festivals

Find new ways that will encourage your audience to take part in the social media promotion. You never know when you could be the source of two people uniting or a great break for someone who is looking for some change in life. There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is a great branding medium that can make your brand promotion both inspiring and worth it.

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